Friday, February 23, 2007

Operation Warwick

I've been quite busy lately (yes, actually doing work). I've just handed in my one year PhD report which now allows me make another step towards applying for a better scholarship. Also, I've landed some tutoring this semester, which will be interesting. Uni of Melbourne has been crawling with wanker-like displays put on by the college kids. I swear my college years were nothing like this.

Anyway, nothing exciting has been happening in the news lately. However, with Vice-President Cheney visitting the country, and subsequently causing the usual protestors to emerge, I did notice this: the name of the NSW Police sercurity operation for Cheney is
called Operation Warwick.

Now, I wonder if the name of this operation has anything to do with the Warwick Incident which entailed the WWI PM Billy Hughes having an egg thrown at him by an angry protestor in Warwick, Queensland who was against the idea of a national draft. Interestingly, since the QLD Police refused to apprehend the egg-thrower by claiming it was a federal matter, old Hughes founded the Commonwealth Police who would latter merge with the NT police to form the Australian Federal Police. Who would have thought that an egg would have led to the founding of the Federal Police?