Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Food Shortage

An interesting, though long, article on global food shortage, and consequently, higher food prices. Why the food shortage? One reason is that countries like India and China are eating more meat, which naturally requires somewhat more grain to produce. Another reason is that crops traditionally grown for food like maize are now being grown for bio-fuels.

In theory, the increase in food prices will benefit places that export more food than they import - this includes many poor countries as well as middle-America. However, this is only in principle, and the lower rungs of such places will still suffer. It would appear that the halcyon days of cheap food are behind us.


Anonymous the reverend dalaillama said...

yep... the yanks are complaining already because ethanol is taking up 1/3 of this years maize crop, which was already a record crop, and so farmers can't feed their cows, so i can't eat cheap steaks any more. Goddamned eco-friendly chumps!

3:28 pm  
Anonymous Martini said...

Well, I will help raise the human consumption of maize related products due to becoming a Coeliac, although, this then decreases my consumtion of gluten containing products like wheat, barley etc.

9:04 pm  
Blogger Greg said...

I remember a time when a big mac meal was $4.95... the good old days!

2:46 pm  
Blogger Engels said...

Yeah, we pay a fortunte for meat. I figured all these vegetarians would drive the cost of meat down more.

11:20 am  
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